BMW Theatre Screen CES 2022
BMW Theatre Screen CES 2022

Ny BMW Theatre Screen fremvist frem på CES

BMW Theater Screen kommer med et Amazon Fire TV indbygget, og det er grundlæggende en 31-tommer skærm, flere detaljer er nedenfor.

BMW forklarer:

The BMW Theatre Screen is an ultra-wide panorama display with a screen diagonal of 31 inches that reaches horizontally over almost the entire interior and in height from the headliner to the backrests of the front seats. With a zoom function, the contents of the entertainment programme can be played in width-to-height of 16:9, 21:9 or even in 32:9 format (content may be cropped while zoomed). The exceptionally high display resolution of about 8000 × 2000 pixels per screen column ensures an extremely clear and detailed visual experience when enjoying cinema films in ultra HD quality. The integrated Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System delivers an extremely high-end and multifaceted sound experience.

The tilt of the display can be adjusted by touch operation using the control menu on the in-car entertainment system. This ensures an ideal cinema experience with maximum comfort in every seat position. The corresponding touch controls are also used to select the screen format and two individual passenger volume controls are arranged both on the right and left edges of the display. Alternatively, the passengers can control the entertainment system using the control panels integrated in the door handles.

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Du kan finde mere information om den nye BMW Theater Screen på BMW’s hjemmeside på linket nedenfor.

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