PS5 vs Xbox Series Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Credit: Techland

Dying Light 2 Day One Patch Notes

Techland har løftet sløret for nogle af de ændringer, der kommer i Day One Patch til Dying Light 2. Dette kommer efter kritisk modtagelse, hvorefter Techland anbefaler brugerne om at vente med at spille før en patch meldes klar.

Sidst opdateret: 2. februar 2022

Ivrige fans af spillet med adgang til pre-releases, har været i stand til at spille Dying Light 2 før dets officielle udgivelsesdato – natten mellem den 3. og 4. februar 2022. Techland har bedt fans om at væbne sig med tålmodighed indtil den første patch til Dying Light 2 Stay Human er installeret for den bedst mulige oplevelse.

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Techland oplyser, at de tilføjede over tusind tweaks til denne patch.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Day One Patch:

  • Fixed the Broadcast infinite respawn story block
  • Fix for dialogues that block story progression
  • Re-signing to the coop session doesn’t fail in case the user is logged in
  • Fixed crash when handling electrical parts to Carlos in Bazaar
  • Fixed problems with temporarily lowering the difficulty level – improved adaptive difficulty for AIs
  • Fixed crash caused by background renderer during the transition between menu and loading screens
  • Increased Wwise overall memory limit – fix for missing sounds and voice-over
  • Resolved problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface.
  • DLSS enabled. Improved default DLSS sharpness.
  • Fix for AI sometimes freezing/becoming immortal when the owner changes during death
  • Fixed the gamepad isn’t detected by the game before any movement or action will be conducted using a keyboard or mouse
  • Added protection against potential crashes.
  • Updates for ES, CH; DE intro.
  • Added missing game actions fixing the game’s unresponsiveness.
  • Fixed streamer mode option that (was not working properly).
  • Fixed crash on opening the secondary screen.
  • Fixed disconnecting coop sessions after a certain amount of time.

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